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2014 Licence Renewal

Re-licensing for MUSAC Classic, Library Manager, Financial Manager and Asset Manager for this year can be completed from the MUSAC side bar. Your licence fee must be paid and processed to enable a licence file to be generated and updated in the software. 

After 31 December, Financial and Library Manager displays a reminder message, and will no longer open if the licence file is not renewed by 1 June. Check the 'MUSAC Classic Licensing' document for a reminder of the process to renew your licence.

Classic, ENROL/LMS and Microsoft .NET Framework

If you haven't upgraded Classic since prior to 13.8 released last year, the Microsoft .NET framework version Classic works with has been updated. This means that to ensure the functionality including ENROL/LMS is able to process, Microsoft .NET Framework 4.0 will need to be installed and is available from this link.

Secondary schools - NZQA

  • Having obtained your school's xml results file, for schools using Classic this should be imported into CM Admin > NZ Utilities > Imports from NZQA > Import NZQA Results.  Once imported, please update your database from CM Admin > Other Utilities > Global Processes > Update database from Markbooks. Your results will then display in ClassRoom Manager > MoE Highest Attainment level.
  • The national results file is now available for download from our website - save this into your CM\NZQA folder. Using the Adapt tool available from CMAdmin > NZQA Utilities > Printing Utilities, or CM Teacher > NZQA button, you can then compare your school's NCEA results with national statistics eg. choose Basic Analysis.
  • See our NCEA Analysis video.

Nag2A - National standards reporting

For our schools using Classic, and with students in years 1-8 and enrolled on     1 November - there is an explanation including the exclusion list for Nag2A in ClassRoom Manager. For additional information see the Ministry pages online. Your school must have first updated to (at least) version 14.1.21. Our CDs were posted in January, otherwise download the latest version of Classic from our website.

Check the Nag2A online help from the  ?  on the CMAdmin > Other Utilities > National Standards Board Report screen, or the ClassRoom Manager user guide available from the sidebar for the section 'National Standards Board Reports (Nag2A requirements)'.

January upgrade

Our first deploy updating edge new features for the year took place on 24 January, check our knowledge base for details. 


It's time to upgrade Classic to version 14.1 for 2014 requirements:

  • Primary schools - CDs have been posted to primary schools, or alternatively you can download version 14.1 from our website Downloads section.
  • Secondary schools - Version 14.1 is available from our website Downloads section, or on CD by request.


For ENROL/LMS interoperability to run following upgrade to version 14.1, please ensure Microsoft .NET 4.0 framework is installed.

Automated compacting of Classic databases
See our AutoJeCT User guide detailing automated database compacting detailed on our Classic Document Library page.

Wireless Networks
Due to potential signal dropouts, care is needed when using wireless with any database including Classic. Whiteboards, metal wall fixtures, metallic window shading, etc, all of these block wireless signals

Terminal Servers
We highly recommend terminal servers for good network speed and data integrity.

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