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Library Manager v15.2.1 Beta

For update of borrowers from edge with Windows 7, Library Manager Beta v15.2.1 is available for download. For details, see release notes.

Cyber Safety

Is your school community learning about using communication technology safely? We were impressed by Cyber Safety and Risk Assessment Consultant  John Parsons' message at the Sole Charge Conference. To help protect your school's students, teachers and parents, read more on  or

Classic v15.3.14 Beta

Our Classic version 15.3.14 beta is now available for download from our website Downloads page.

For details on the ClassRoom Manager changes including assessments, see release notes in our Document Library > Classic.


NZQA Submission

The first NCEA submission to NZQA is due on 1 April. See our managing NCEA tipsheets in the Document Library for ClassRoom Manager, including NCEA Analysis. New standards files are made available on a monthly basis from our website Downloads area - please check our Supplementary Files page for the latest version.

Note that through Global Processes > Global zaps, NZQA fees must be zero. Remove the Withdrawn from NZQA Settings; and it's important to Remove the previous year's Financial Assistance IDs.

Key dates for NZQA reporting, together with fees, financial assistance and assigning standards are available from the NZQA website.

NZQA December standards file

A new NZQA Standards file is available for download from our Supplementary Files page.

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