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EDGE Release plans

This year we have several key releases planned; firstly later in Term 3 we'll release additional tools for Timetabling based on consultation with our existing secondary schools, and John Baumfield (the creator of the Classic Timetable Suite). Specifically these tools will automate the creation of option lines, an editor to adjust these outputs, followed by a second release of a student editor allowing automatic student allocation to classes; and enhanced editing facility.


The next piece of new functionality will be the ability to record student awards and extra-curricular activities, e.g. sports and cultural teams. The sports data will then be used to support the extracts required by secondary/area schools for NZSSSC.

In Term 4 we'll release our online student profile solution. This modern solution to the traditional printed caregiver report will provide timely updates of students' progress to student and caregiver portals.

We also have exciting plans for EDGE releases during 2016. These will focus on:

  • In January we will release our fully flexible Report Writer module enabling EDGE users to create and modify adhoc reports
  • Notifications - for teachers, learners, caregivers and school leadership which are event, assessment and rule based. During the year we'll enhance this to include targeted pastoral and absences via portal, email, txt as appropriate
  • Continued enhancement of the EDGE platform to improve performance as we grow our customer base and service larger schools
  • Analysis - cohort trending, student exceptions across assessments together with attendance and pastoral data to be filtered and grouped flexibly by ethnicity and gender

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